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Grass Carpet

As many cats live solely indoors, fake grass can provide a stimulating environment for exercise and play. Cats love the lush feel of fake turf and we love the look of it. We've chosen a high-quality thick grass that is soft to the touch, can be easily maintained, and doesn't shed.
Synthetic grass is highly durable, resilient, yet comfortable and safe.
As the color green is most common in their natural environment, it provides a calming effect and helps reduce stress in your cat. The blades are soft, so your cat won't sustain any injuries when walking, rolling, or playing on it, yet it provides a good grip, especially on very high shelves and for clumsier, chonkier cats.

These items are now available with a grass carpet option. Please select the option under Carpet type.

* Please contact us for customization if option is not available


    Blue Room Bundle


    Blue Room Bundle is our premium bundle containing selected elements for a well balanced big cat wall. The elements were hand-picked with optimal mobility and flow in mind so each...

    Wally Skyway - ceiling mounted cat shelf, feline highway, walkway

    from €120,00

    Wally Skyway is a ceiling-mounted cat pathway, a sky highway for your observer. Expanding your cats' space up to the ceiling. It's a well-known fact that our feline friends are...

    Wally Skyhex - ceiling mounted cat shelf, hexagonal hub for multi way platform/bridge access, Cat intersection perch


    A ceiling-mounted large cat shelf that acts as a hub for all the activity up high. It could be a lounge area or serve as an intersection between a couple...

    Wally BridgeTunnel


    Wally BridgeTunnel is a versatile, multifunctional, wall-mounted cat shelf, a different take on our classic, Wally Tunnel, ideal for mounting a bridge on its front side. With a closed bottom...

    Wally WFH bundle - above desk bundle with scratching/climbing pole

    from €830,00

    Cat bundle for those of you working remotely. Living in a tiny flat or having a small room with an office that you share with your cats isn't always agreeable...

    Wally Post Solo - scratching/climbing pole

    from €190,00

    🐱‍🚀 Wally Post Solo is a different take on our cat climbing and scratching posts and is meant to attach to an existing item or any other piece of furniture.Its...

    Big Corner Bundle - READY TO SHIP


    Big Corner Bundle is our premium bundle containing selected elements for a cat wall centered around a corner. The listing is for one complete bundle in Birch Base and Berry...

    Wally CornerTunnel Upside-Down


    Wally CornerTunnel Upside-Down is an alternate version of our 2 platforms wall-mounted element ideal for corners. With the larger platform moved to the bottom level and the hole closer to...

    Wally Loft


    Wally Loft is the perfect playground for 2-3 cats in a compact place. It has 3 shelves with holes in a zigzag pattern so it allows access from multiple angles...

    White Bundle


    Wally White Bundle is designed to fit perfectly over a TV set or a similar sensitive piece of furniture so the cats can walk above it without fear of knocking...

    Wally Starter Sixpack Bundle


    Wally Starter Bundle contains some core items to start a wall mounted playground in a convenient package with combined shipping and great value price. Your cat will get a dedicated...

    Wally Tunnel


    Wally Tunnel is a multifunctional wall mounted cat shelf. It's versatile, easy to install, fun and cozy playground for cats. 🌳- Solid Birch Plywood construction protected with multiple coats of...

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