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Product and care information

Our products are heavily tested in local shelters and home tested by our cats and foster cats, and bunnies. 
These products are meant to withstand a lot more stress than your cats can dish out, which means you shouldn't have to worry that your child might injure itself by trying to climb them. We've done a lot of weight testing to make sure that they're absolutely safe for both your cats and you. When assembled properly, our products are really sturdy and safe. 
Our main goal was to build furniture that could withstand heavy usage and that could be washed and disinfected. 
All standard items are built for durability and easy maintenance.
Wood surfaces can be cleaned with a wet cloth rag and detergents.
All hammocks and cushions are removable and machine washable at 40°C and can be dried in a dryer.
Our cushions are extra comfortable because of the high-density cold-molded polyurethane foam that acts just like a human-grade mattress that helps support pet's pressure points for lounging comfort. They're soft, flexible and durable with excellent mechanical properties(high resilience, low hysteresis loss).  They provide just the right amount of softness and support and don't go flat.
They're great for animals that need a little extra support and comfort, such as senior animals or the ones with special needs, disabilities. 
The textiles we use are lush, heavy-duty materials made for use in furniture making. We also advise our customers on which materials would work best in their homes, since some materials look cool, but are somewhat harder to maintain. That rule usually applies to homes with a larger number of pets. Cushions come attached with wide hook and loop fasteners, so you don't have to worry about your cat falling off the furniture while doing monkey business.
Carpeted areas can be cleaned with a handheld vacuum and carpet-safe cleaning solutions. 
Sisal covers should be vacuumed only, any contact with water should be avoided.

* This excludes items from the Raw Nibbler series which are purposefully left untreated.
*for shelter spaces we recommend that the carpets are removed. Cats still got good traction, but this way it's super easy to disinfect the whole thing. Please contact us for more information.


Recycling, eco-friendly

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and we try to be as green as possible. We're using recycled and recyclable packaging whenever possible and constantly searching for new forms of eco-friendly packaging. 
We try to cut as much waste as possible. Scraps of wood that we can't find a use for are donated to local volunteers as wood-burning material to keep foster animals warm during long winter months. Sawdust is recycled as biodegradable matter.
We stopped printing wasteful promotion materials and thank you notes that were sent with our products. All the information can be seen and shared online. The only paper we use is the one for invoices and customs forms and we try to use as much recycled paper as possible.
Scraps from fabrics and foam filling are used to make catnip-filled kicker toys that we send with our products, as something extra for your feline friend to enjoy.
Please reuse and recycle our packaging, be kind to our Planet.


Coupons and sales

As we make made-to-order bespoke designs that are too complex to mass-produce and have a waiting list, we don't usually have promotional sales or coupons, but you can subscribe to our e-mailing list and follow our social media pages for some occasional special deals. 

We offer great quantity discounts and we value our loyal customers. Loyal Customers get a special 20% off code to use in all their future purchases. 



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