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COVID-19 Situation update


The shop is open again and we wanted to do an update on the whole situation and cover all cases briefly.

= New Orders =

We have started taking on new orders, but our processing times are currently increased for new orders to include the time we will need to process the existing delays.
Your order should be shipped within the suggested shipping date and our processing times will gradually decrease and get back to normal as we clear the current situation.
Our cancellation window has been increased to 48h to give more time to review the suggested shipping date and request cancellation if it is too long.
Hopefully, we should be back to normal processing times within a month, if there are no major issues.

= Existing Orders =

We realize that some of the packages are delayed but please be patient with your parcels since all the couriers and postal services are working their hardest while bursting at the seams.
Everything is delayed, our materials were late and in term so are we, and the courier and postal services are taking way longer than anticipated.
So far there are no issues with the packages apart from the delay, but even if something happens to it after it is shipped to the next stage, we got you covered.

Rest assured that we will provide full support for all of the parcels and that every single one is insured and with tracking.
If something is stuck at one 'in transit' status for more than 3 weeks contact us and we'll help you sort it out.
At this moment, there are a few parcels waiting in the postal warehouse with the status being "insert item into bag" which means it passed our customs and was taken into the airport.
The tracking for those packages will resume as soon as USPS or your local postal service scans them but please give it a while since they are extremely overburdened and work at a much slower pace than usual.

= USA =

The USA shipping ban was finally lifted last month so we're practically living in our workshop focusing solely on shipping out as many delayed packages as we can.
The commercial flights are back up but there is still not enough flights to cover the all the parcels and USPS is overwhelmed with parcels waiting to be sorted.
Some of our parcels have waited almost a month in their warehouses and we've been made aware that they've been dealing with only 30% of their workers being able to work while dealing with a Christmas+Black Friday like overload scenario.
The circumstances with the new postmaster, disruption in multiple services, and new COVID-19 outbreaks make the future uncertain so we'll have to deal with everything step-by-step.
All packages were upgraded to Priority Plane shipping for extra speed and safety so some of the ones we shipped after the ban have already arrived and the situation is slowly getting better.
There are still chances of long delays with your local USPS service, but we have done all in our power to minimize them as much as possible.

= Australia and New Zealand =

Australia and New Zealand's shipping bans are still in place too and there are no indications of the ban being lifted any time soon.
Due to this, we cannot accept any orders from Australia or New Zealand at the moment but We will update you as the situation progresses.

= Europe =

Shipping inside Europe has normalized and we have no major disruptions at the moment so the packages arrive a few days after they are shipped.
The previously accumulated delays are affecting assembly and packing but we are catching up and getting back to normal slowly.

Another huge logistical issue for us is that our standard shipping partner cannot process our packages due to COVID-19 work safety restrictions so we have to do all the packing and shipping now.
We could never prepare for a scenario like this and that we don't have storage capacity for all the packages or unsent items and it is taking a lot of extra time.
Due to this, we had to postpone the assembly of some products and larger orders to the last moment as the parts and folded boxes take up much less space than packages.
We are doing our best to assemble everything as soon as possible and will get back to everyone to keep track of their orders.

The bans and the loss of our shipping partner have been a massive hit for us, but we are getting used to the new situation and expect to clear the delays withing a month from now.

We really hope that the rest of the package traffic will stabilize soon so we can ship all the delayed items.
When have managed to clear out our shop of a lot of the delayed packages and we expect we will be able to resume normal operation soon and process items much faster.
We are still a bit slow on reading messages and it may take us some time to answer but we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We and the postal services are doing our best to get the items to you but we do need a bit of patience and cooperation from your side so we can all get through this situation.
We hope that all of you are staying safe in these crazy times and we will update the shop notes as we get more new info.

 🐾 If you are waiting to hear from us, please give us more time to answer. We're currently not able to answer in a timely manner as we have been doing before
 🐾 If you are waiting for a parcel from us, you will get a tracking number as soon as it clears customs and we are certain that it is on its way
 🐾 If it is already late, we apologize but please be patient, it will be processed in the next few days
 🐾 If the parcel is in transit but the status hasn't changed for more than 10 working days, give it 2-3 days more as some postal offices don't have the time to scan all the packages and in this state, tracking delays of over 10 days because of missed scans are an unavoidable part of shipping.
 🐾 All the packages are insured and with tracking so if there are any issues we will do our best to resolve it.
 🐾 As the postal services and couriers are swamped with requests and calls it's almost impossible to get ahold of a live person, so we have to wait for an email update which takes days.

Please stay safe and take care of your pets 💜

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