Redefining the Modular cat towers

After having to pull our original line of Boxy items from the shop because they were simply to big to ship, we're happy to introduce you to our new cat trees and towers. We developed a new, modular system that combines our original durability and stability with the new easy assembly system, so individual parts can now fit into the standard sized packaging and can be shipped worldwide . We've also been perfecting and developing new ideas and exploring the possibilities of space, design, and actual usage of the spaces to optimize the layout and functionality of the new models.

Since many don't have their own space, nor have the ability to drill into walls, we've been developing ways how to expand and retrofit our Wally shelves into somewhat confined spaces of cat trees and incorporating them with scratching poles of different sizes.


Now you can show uniqueness and personality with cat trees that are made to go with your modern decor. Our furniture is clean-lined, contemporary, long-lasting, and eco-friendly and is here to accent your space. We offer exceptional quality of materials used combined with the craftsmanship and knowledge that goes into making.


Safety, Layout and personalization

Cat trees do require some square footage, so they need to accent your style rather than being pure utilitarian structures that become an eyesore. It should complement your home while providing a safe environment for your cat/s.

Cat trees and towers are there for the cats even when you're not at home. They're designed in a way that attracts cats to play, climb and act like they're outdoors while not doing any damage to your stuff. Keeping your cats stimulated and entertained is vital, both for their physical and mental state. The more space they can keep to themselves, the less time and desire they have to scratch on your belongings. They also help reduce stress and feline conflicts.

Our cat trees are extremely sturdy and well-balanced and the wide base provides extra security from tipping over. Everything is firmly held together and could keep up with a pack of wild cats jumping up and down if needed, let alone our little home tigers.

They are fully customizable, available in numerous colors, with a wide variety of fabric options. Our cat furniture is made to last, can be upgraded, and can grow and change with the needs of your family.


We're combining our Wally bestsellers into a floor structure, while maintaining the same principles of usability and providing walkthrough areas on different levels, with hidey-holes, places for rest, and scratching poles. The structure needs to fulfill many needs into one. The First one is a safe environment while providing your cats with space and entertainment.



The basic thing we got to keep in mind is that cats love scratching. It's so much more than just an activity, it's a need, as important need as breathing. Our cats are endlessly fascinating. The one anatomical ability that they share with no other species is their paws. They are instruments of communication, a tool that supports their predatory nature. They're so much more than just for walking, jumping, catching prey, digging, and standing, but even the cats' walk is a unique tool for moving silently, as they walk on tips and balls of their toes. Cat paws have glands(interdigital glands on all four of their feet) and they give off a strong scent when the paw is stretched and the claws are extended. By scratching they mark their territory and leave their "signature" pheromones. It's their calling card, their online profile, think of it as their unique "fingerprint". Also, cat claws are made up of a few layers. As the claw grows, the outer layer sheds which expose a sharp new claw underneath. Their nails need maintenance just as ours, we just trim them differently. As indoor-only cats don't have the opportunity for natural wear and tear, they need some stronger materials such as sisal rope to keep their claws healthy. Scratching relieves anxiety, stress, and frustration. Cats often direct scratching to furniture and carpets as they need a surface that will catch on their nails in order to pull off the old lose sheat, and there is a reason cats prefer to scratch on the sides of sofas for example, as these may have the scents of the outdoors, or bags, shoes, guests. They're replacing the foreign scent with their own. Also, sofas are padded, and many cats like the way claws punch through and leave loose pieces behind.

Scratching is a natural behavior and we should not expect our cat to stop doing so. When a cat scratches, they remove the loose outer layer of the claw and stretch their backs and muscles.

The one thing that is lacking in most store-bought cat trees is that the scratching posts are way too short and unstable, often made with unsuitable materials, which all leads to a cat finding a more "suitable" place to scratch. When considering buying a cat tree or a scratching post, it's necessary to provide your cat with options, especially if you don't know their preferences. Some cats love a vertical post, while others prefer a horizontal one. Horizontal scratchers are great for older cats and those with disabilities. A vertical scratching post should be at least tall enough for your cat to stand on its back legs at full stretch and strong enough to withstand the weight. Cats usually scratch after taking a nap, as they need to do some kitty yoga and stretch those muscles so the scratching area should be in the vicinity. They often have strong preferences on the materials and places they scratch and one thing we should never do is give them attention when they're clawing on something we don't approve of. We should redirect them and only give them attention, treats and pet them when they are using their scratching post. If you catch your cat clawing on the carpet or the sofa, do not communicate, don't yell, don't do anything that it could misconstrue as being given attention, as they will just keep doing it. The important thing is to reward the behavior you want to see.

There are a few tricks that could help you in transitioning your cat from sofas to cat trees. When a new tree enters the house rub the pole parts against the places your cat usually scratches. That way it will pick up scent marks and attract your kitty. You could position the tree right beside where your cat scratches and then transition it to your desired place. But remember, cats are the true masters of your home and will love prominent spaces where they could keep an eye on everything. Encourage the cat to the scratching post by spraying with catnip spray or rubbing dry catnip on the post. As we've said before, cats enjoy a scratch after a nap so place the scratching post close to your cat's favored sleeping spot. Always praise your cat for doing the right thing. They respond far better to positive behavior from us.

Two things are essential when it comes to training your cat, material and location. The material has to be appealing and the location needs to be prominent.


Our scratching posts come in 2 different widths and the height options are endless. The posts are made out of sturdy plastic and wood and should last you a lifetime and can be reused or even recycled. They are covered with a layer of carpeting cover and wrapped with 12 mm thick rope. We've tested different thicknesses and the 12mm one turned out to be a favorite because the cats can sink their claws deep. The thick rope is more lasting and looks luxurious. We offer natural, untreated, toxin-free ropes which are made just 10km/6mi from our workshop. They are biodegradable, sustainable, durable, and safe for use with cats, birds, bunnies. The standard one is sisal, which is durable, robust, and has a more resistant surface, which makes scratching more challenging and fun. It resembles tree bark in consistency-which is an ideal scratching surface for cats in the wild. Jute is a bit darker and softer, and some cats prefer it to sisal, so it's good to have it in a combination. It can withstand a lot of damage. We can offer polypropylene ropes in black, red, yellow, blue, green, and orange. Available only on request. The polypropylene ropes are non-toxic, hard and durable.



Cats sleep up to 18 hours a day and regularly switch sleeping positions. They feel the safest when they are near you or somewhere up high. They love high places because it keeps them away from potential danger at ground level and it gives them a good vantage point to see their surroundings. Their spots need to be easily accessible, especially if your cat is old or timid. Our cat trees provide tunnels, shelves and cots just for that. Our cushions are made out of high-density foam which gives great support and relieves pressure from their bones, so it's ideal for older and heavier cats. The cushions are covered in lush upholstery velvety fabrics which are easy to maintain and machine washable. One thing your cats will love is if you put their tree somewhere near a window where they can sunbathe and watch the outside. Cats always have their favorite sunny spots for napping.

A good tree should be able to keep your cat occupied. That means it's equipped with at least one large scratching post, a bed, and hidey-holes/tunnels/boxes.

If you have more than one cat but they don’t necessarily like to spend time together in close spaces, a cat tree could be a great solution. A large tree with multiple levels, hideaways, and perches can easily be shared while giving each cat the space they prefer. 


Why we avoid cat houses that are on the floor level

There is a reason we don't standardly go for floor houses for cats, as those are the types of places that are contradictory to cat psychology. Cats will take hold of the boxes you bring indoors, but that's not because they love being on the floor in a box. You're bringing them something with a lot of smells from the outside world, something they can claw and rub themselves on, a new territory they can claim and destroy. You know, just like the edge of your sofa that you touch with the pants you wore outside or the bag that you leave hanging on the side. It's a new infused smell. That's also the reason why cats choose to claw on some positions in your home.

Cats need height and a place where they could have everything under their watchful eye. The house on the floor is anything but that. It does look cute in the photos, sure the dogs love it, but that's not an ideal place for a cat. Especially a cat living in a multicat environment, or a cat that is sharing space with dogs or smaller children. There is a reason they tend to just walk or run away and to climb on the top of the wardrobe dresser, rather than be down on the floor level.
They may sleep in the floor houses when they are kittens or elderly, but healthy adults have their own needs and views on the situation. And in the end, you're not sleeping on the floor, so why would you expect it from a cat. A creature that craves both comfort and heat. Most of us don't have floor heating, so why would a cat choose to be down, especially when every instinct pushes them to climb, just as they would if they were outside.

Another reason we refrain from floor houses is that in multicat households someone is bound to pee in there, for whichever reason. And that's the last place you'll notice that was deemed as a toilet. Once they start peeing on the floor level, it's hard swaying them off. Especially if anything gets soaked in urine long-term. And then the problem could escalate and the house that probably wasn't in use at all is being used as a place to mark territory while one cat tries to remove the smell from another.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach and you'll see your cat sleeping on the floor but in the open, on hardwood floors or tiles, especially if it's too hot and the cat needs cooling down.
Some cats will sleep under your bed, but that's because the bed serves as the cover from above, while they have uninterrupted views on the surroundings, and that may also be the place where other animals or family members can't reach.

Cats are really very close to their wild cousins. To a cat, the most important thing about where they are is how safe it is, how safe and relaxed it makes them feel. If a cat is feeling the need for more safety, they usually go underneath something, so nothing can leap on them from above, or they look for safety somewhere high and unreachable. Some cats are just naturally more nervous and threatened than others, so you need to know how to make them feel safe. In nature, some cats will go hide in the bushes, while others will opt for the trees.



Apart from the standard layouts, our Floor-based towers can be custom-built by combining our scratching posts with custom versions of our wall-based shelves. As almost all of our wall items can be converted to be a part of your standalone tower, the possibilities for customization are endless. You can built anything from a little Climbing post with a bed or feeder on top, to a multiple baseplate complex including full length climbing posts and various elements at different levels. The parts used are compatible with our wall and ceiling shelves and can easily and seamlessly transition into a wall extension. The towers are available with elements from our standard, BigCat and Giant series with both standard and Chonk Posts so can be combined into a fully custom playground ideal for cats of all sizes.


If you have any questions, issues, or just need help, please let us know. We'll do our best to help you.