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Cat cafes

Planning on opening a cat cafe or adding some new furniture to your existing one, here is the information you need to know. Everything can be custom-fitted to your space and the needs of the cats.

Scratchy Things Cat Cafe Caffe Custom Furniture

To us humans, cat cafes are a place to come and enjoy a cup of coffee while cuddling cats and watching them play. To the cats, the cat cafe is their home, a place where they need to eat, jump, play, stretch, but also sleep and hide. Every cat needs to feel safe and have a special hiding-hole or a place up high where she can't be seen by humans.

We all love seeing happy cats and seeing them in the right mood is something a visitor will cherish and it will entice them to come more often.

Some cafes have permanent cats, while for others the end goal is to help cats find forever homes and to get more people to fall in love with cats.

For the ones with permanent cats is somewhat easier to fulfill all their needs, but for the cats that came from shelters and have different behavioral issues and need to learn to trust people, those are the cats that need all the safety we could possibly give to them.

The more comfortable the cats get, the more likely they will get adopted. The comfortable environment lets cats thrive and entices cats to interact with people on their own terms. The truth is, cats need a more stable environment than dogs, and in the ever-changing environment filled with strangers who shower them with constant attention, is frankly nothing short of a feline nightmare.  Cats need their alone time and sharing close quarters with dozen other cats and humans isn't ideal. As animals who live in small groups that rely on stability and familiarity with other cats in a group to get along, they can be stressed by the constant presence of both strange cats and people. So in order to compensate for all of that, it's crucial we fill their new home with as many cat-friendly spaces we possibly can.

One issue that should also be on our mind is the potential for disease and illness. If one cat gets sick, the other ones are likely to follow. To help you keep an easy to clean environment, we'll advise you with fabric options and on if you need the cat furniture to be covered in carpet runners. Although our carpet runners are easy to maintain, in some spaces it'll be better to not have them. Our furniture is heavily tested and should be really easy to clean. Everything can be disinfected and wiped clean and the cushions and hammocks are all machine-washable. The safety for cats in large groups was one of our primary goals, as we're also developing furniture that would work best for people with homes and spaces like ours, who foster a lot and know all the pains and worries we go through on a daily basis.

Cats love heights and they'll inevitably go up on the couches and on the cafe tables, but if you provide them with ample room to roam about and above, they'll leave your customers alone to enjoy their beverages/meals at peace. They won't have a difficult time enjoying everything because they're looking at the ground to see where the cats are.  

Making humans comfortable matters, too. The happier the visitors are, the more likely are they to come back or/and to adopt a cat.  

Everything comes back to the cats, and what makes them happy. The more cat-friendly the design and setting are, the happier the cats will be.

We're here to help and advise, as we have an abundance of experience with cats.

Special elements can be designed for your spaces or our standard products can be retrofitted to the needs of your space and design. It's important that you give us as much information that you possibly can. We'll need pictures of the areas, dimensions of the walls and places intended for the cats, and your personal input on what you would like to have in your cafe. Keep in mind that we can incorporate your color schemes in everything. It can all be sleek, modern and inviting; or colorful and playful.

It's also important that you provide cats with some privacy while they're using the litter box or eating. If you don't have a special room/area just for that purpose, we can also design a functional area with bespoke elements that we'll design just for your cafe.

Cat cafes have a certain entertaining element, it's a performance, sometimes even a circus act and everyone loves seeing cats interacts, seeing who's gonna climb the various climbing element, who's gonna be clumsy, playful and who's gonna be mad :D

One of the sights people always love to see is cats peacefully sleeping on their perches, tucked in their boxes and beds. You just know that every sleeping cat brings at least a few "awww"s from your customers and those Instagram posts are going to buzz with activity.

There's also the sight of cats watching through windows, sitting pretty at their window sills, on their furniture around the windows and just gazing at their surroundings or at people walking by. That's the sight that entices people to come in and spend some time in your wonderful establishment.

It's really a difficult environment to get right, without the smells, safe for both cats and visitors. As cat cafes are generally indoor spaces and although most cats would benefit from outdoor spaces where they can roam and exhibit natural behaviors, we need to step up our game and bring the outdoors in. Indoor enrichment can't compete with the sights and smells of the outside, but we can try to bring as much of it inside. We can incorporate cat-friendly plants into the design. Filling space with air-purifying plants that are great to look at and beneficial for the cats. Our standard feeding stations/shelves can house plant holders, or we could add them to any other elements. It's also important to give cats ample room to stretch and claw and we can fulfill that need with placing cat scratching posts on both floor and wall spaces. Cat posts should act like trunks of trees, mimicking the main outdoor cat fun.

For those cat cafes lucky enough to have an outdoor area we also provide cat-friendly furniture for outdoor use, coated with paints and lacquers that can withstand the harshest weather. We also offer waterproof cushions which can also be machine washed and are really great for outdoor use.
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