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Wally Post - scratching pole

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🐱‍🚀 Wally Post is a wall-mounted post for climbing and scratching and can be used as a step to create a transition from one level to another.
Handcrafted and designed to expand your cats' personal space, it is ideal for smaller homes because it saves space and releases much-needed floor space.


The scratching pole is the centerpiece of the cat's indoor exercise routine with an unobstructed climb to the top perch. Cats can stretch their full bodies on it, which is crucial, as it acts as a real tree and helps relieve tension and flex those muscles.

The standard version comes with all the poles wrapped in 12mm thick sisal rope, but if you know your cat prefers something softer and easier to shred, you could opt for a pole in jute. Jute is a bit softer, and some cats prefer it as they can sink their claws further in, but it frails a bit more and is a bit darker than the sisal.

Both options have been heavily tested and have surpassed our expectations. They are made just 10km/6mi from our workshop, are 100% natural, untreated and toxin-free, and biodegradable. They are long-lasting and should last for years, and once it's time to change them the pole can be reused and rewrapped.



The basic thing we got to keep in mind is that cats love scratching. It's so much more than just an activity, it's a need, as important need as breathing.

Our cats are endlessly fascinating. The one anatomical ability that they share with no other species is their paws. They are instruments of communication, a tool that supports their predatory nature. They're so much more than just for walking, jumping, catching prey, digging, and standing, but even the cats' walk is a unique tool for moving silently, as they walk on tips and balls of their toes. Cat paws have glands(interdigital glands on all four of their feet) and they give off a strong scent when the paw is stretched and the claws are extended. By scratching they mark their territory and leave their "signature" pheromones. It's their calling card, their online profile, think of it as their unique "fingerprint".
Also, cat claws are made up of a few layers. As the claw grows, the outer layer sheds which exposes a sharp new claw underneath. Their nails need maintenance just as ours, we just trim them differently. As indoor-only cats don't have the opportunity for natural wear and tear, they need some stronger materials such as sisal rope to keep their claws healthy.
Scratching relieves anxiety, stress, and frustration.
Cats often direct scratching to furniture and carpets as they need a surface that will catch on their nails in order to pull off the old lose sheat, and there is a reason cats prefer to scratch on the sides of sofas for example, as these may have the scents of the outdoors, or bags, shoes, guests. They're replacing the foreign scent with their own. Also, sofas are padded, and many cats like the way claws punch through and leave loose pieces behind.
Scratching is a natural behavior and we should not expect our cat to stop doing so. When a cat scratches, they remove the loose outer layer of the claw and stretch their backs and muscles.

The one thing that is lacking in most store-bought cat trees is that the scratching posts are way too short and unstable, often made with unsuitable materials, which all leads to a cat finding a more "suitable" place to scratch.
When considering buying a cat tree or a scratching post, it's necessary to provide your cat with options, especially if you don't know their preferences. Some cats love a vertical post, while others prefer a horizontal one. Horizontal scratchers are great for older cats and those with disabilities. A vertical scratching post should be at least tall enough for your cat to stand on its back legs at full stretch and strong enough to withstand the weight.
Cats usually scratch after taking a nap, as they need to do some kitty yoga and stretch those muscles so the scratching area should be in the vicinity.
They often have strong preferences on the materials and places they scratch and one thing we should never do is give them attention when they're clawing on something we don't approve of. We should redirect them and only give them attention, treats and pet them when they are using their scratching post. If you catch your cat clawing on the carpet or the sofa, do not communicate, don't yell, don't do anything that it could misconstrue as being given attention, as they will just keep doing it.
The important thing is to reward the behavior you want to see.


🐾It provides a place for plenty of play and recreation while fulfilling their ambitions for climbing by giving them their special place at an elevated location.

🐾It's a place where cats feel safe and have a good look at their environment.

👉 It comes in a variety of colors and with a Sisal Rope that's durable and ideal for scratching.
The post is easily attached to the wall using screws through the mounting plates.
Screws and plugs are included in the box and it all comes ready to install.

👉 -Solid Birch Plywood construction protected with multiple coats of non-toxic acrylic lacquer
-Painted Birch Plywood may come in various colors
-Quality sisal/jute rope that is easily replaced

👉 -Easy cleaning and maintenance with easily replaceable parts.
Replacement sisal covers are available from seller in standard dimensions.

📏 Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 50-110 cm / 12.6" x 6.3" x 19.7"- 43.3"

Post diameter: 14cm / 5.5"

Customer Reviews

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Ordered the product few months ago and received it today. The quality is outstanding, the product looks even better in person than in the website. The wait and price is well worth it at the end. Oh, and my cats can't get enough of it! It's amazing, it's like they knew that was for them since the first minute I got it out of the package! We couldn't be happier! Thank you! The cats love it!!! 🤩


5 stars

Tina Elise

TOP! Made with love and know-how :) Kind and responsive creators. A thing of beauty, a joy forever, THANK YOU!!

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