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Nibbler is our line of furniture and accessories for bunnies and guinea pigs, because every creature needs some comfort in their lives and a place to call their own.

We want them to feel safe, relaxed and happy by giving them options that could entice them to jump, hop, stretch, play and hide.

We offer an array of hay feeders in different forms and sizes, and with different options, tunnels for playing and hiding, ramps for going up and down the tunnels and houses, and seesaws.

The materials we use are kiln dried pine and birch and non-toxic acrylic colors and lacquer so they are safe when the bunny decides they should be chewed.

Ergonomics and simple maintenance are the key goals of our design so all the items are designed with as little moving parts as possible and without need for tools to disassemble as all the moving part swivel or snap into place.

100% Handcrafted

All our items are handcrafted, made to order and customizeable.

Processing times:

6-10 weeks depending on existing order queue.

Delivery times:

4-8 business days EU
10-20 b. days Worldwide

Ecological & recycleable

The materials we use are eco-friendly and sustainable