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Wally BigCat

Wally BigCat is an extension to our Wally series, primarily suited for larger breeds of cats and chonkier regular cats. Designed for easier maneuvering of larger cats. This collection can be combined with many standard Wally elements such as bridges and steps which are the same.

The tunnels and elements got bigger and wider, with larger cushions.

If you're in a household with cats of different sizes, we recommend combining the elements from both series. Large cats are usually not that good climbers, so you could put elements designed for them in lower places. Every household has different needs and it should be combined accordingly.

That doesn't mean that your larger cat will get stuck in a regular Wally element, it just means that the Big cat series will boost their confidence and give them more space to stretch and to lay comfortably. Nobody likes to be squeeze into something too small for their constitution. Bigger cats are often either already too fat and need cat wall furniture to help them lose some weight or are prone to obesity, so it's vital we entice them into play as much as possible which is the goal of our design.

    Wally BigCat Loft


    Wally BigCat Loft is the perfect playground for 2-3 cats in a compact place. The inside space of the BigCat Loft has been increased to 30x30cm and the holes are...

    Wally BigCat Play Bundle

    from €530,00

    👉Wally BigCat Play Bundle contains some of our bestsellers for larger cats in a convenient package with combined shipping and great value price. It is a well-rounded wall mounted playground...

    Wally BigCat Mini Play Bundle


    👉Wally BigCat Mini Play Bundle contains some of our bestsellers for larger cats in a convenient package with combined shipping and great value price. It is a well-rounded wall mounted...

    Toasty BigCat Twin Cot


    Toasty BigCat Twin Cot is a hanging radiator and window double cat hammock bed shelf for larger cats or homes where multiple cats love to snuggle up together. It uses...

    Toasty BigCat Twin Flat


    Toasty BigCat Twin Flat is a hanging radiator and window double cat bed shelf for larger cats. It uses the heat from the radiator to warm both levels, while the...

    Catio BigCat Cot - outdoor cat hammock for larger cats


    Catio Big Cat Cot is a hammock for larger cats, designed and tested for outdoor use. The construction is sturdy, made out of 18mm thick waterproof birch ply protected with...

    Catio Scratching Post Angle - Outdoor cat leaning / angled scratching pole

    from €270,00

    This angled scratching post is a connection ramp between two levels of different heights. Depending on the angle it's at, it's a great exercise for cats' body strength and ideal for...

    Catio BigCat CornerTunnel 3-pack


    Wally BigCat CornerTunnel 3-pack is an ideal setup for a corner in a convenient package that will give your cats a great Playground and vantage point. Fits into uneven corners with...

    Catio BigCat CornerTunnel - outdoor cat house


    Catio BigCat Corner Tunnel is a 2-platform cat outdoor house ideal for corners. It works best when multiple units are stacked on top of each other and fit into uneven...

    Catio BigCat Tunnel Upside Down - outdoor cat house for larger cats


    Catio BigCat tunnel Upside-Down is a multifunctional outdoor shelf great for cats of all sizes. The tunnel has large window openings on both sides but could have a back plate...

    Catio BigCat Stacker - multilevel outdoor large cat shelf


    Catio BigCat Stacker is a multifunctional outdoor cat shelf designed and reinforced to accommodate larger cats and is a perfect accessory for the climber in your home. The inside space has...

    Catio BigCat Loft - outdoor multilevel cat shelf


    Outdoor BigCat Loft is the perfect playground for 2 to 3 cats in a compact place. This could be called a Perching Cat hotel as it has 3 levels with multiple...

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