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Wally product line keeps your cat in top physical form, active and entertained. Sometimes our feline friends need more than standard cat trees, scratchers or shelves made for human use in mind.

We create handcrafted wall-mounted systems designed to engage with felines' playful instincts. Wally line offers unlimited configurations and with numerous custom made options, it can fit in any home and with any style.

It's fun, versatile and durable.

Wally line carries a number of interesting products, from ceiling-mounted walkways and beds, wall mounted perches, cat feeding stations and more. 

Wall systems are a great space saving idea for small spaces and apartments when you don't want to take up valuable floor space, and can be placed much higher than the traditional floor to ceiling cat trees. 

We all know how much cats love to be in high places and watch the world go by form safety and comfort. Human dwellings may seem stupidly boring for cats who, in their natural state, are fond of climbing, jumping, and perching.  Wall mounted shelves allow cats to scale the walls and routes created to allow your cat to explore your home from a height.

We provide great design that provides endless entertainment for cats of all sizes and ages.


    Catio Walkway - outdoor cat fixed platform

    from €120,00

    The outdoor cat walkway is a plank style shelf with a railing to keep your cats secure. It will keep your cat from rolling and minimize the danger when having...

    Wally Plank

    from €160,00

    Wally Plank is a redirection tool for cats, as it can redirect your feline companion from jumping to unwanted areas. It's a catwalk with railing on the sides to give...

    Sharp Stacker


    Sharp Stacker is our new contemporary cat multi-level shelf. It's an updated version of our standard Wally Stacker in both form and function with cleaner, more modern lines. There are...

    Wally Bridge (1Step - 1Step mount)

    from €160,00

    Wally Bridge is the perfect addition to your wall mounted cat playground. It is a great way to connect your wall mounted elements and provide additional fun element for your...

    Wally WideBridge (Flat - Flat mount)

    from €210,00

    Wally WideBridge is the perfect addition to your wall mounted cat playground. With its large 10cm/4" carpet covered bars it is ideal for cats that are less mobile or just...

    Wally Tunnel Bridge Bundle


    Wally Tunnel Bridge Bundle contains some of our bestsellers in a convenient package with combined shipping and great value price. 🚩Inside the package you will find: 1 x Wally Tunnel...

    Catio Scratching Post - Outdoor cat scratching pole

    from €260,00

    This is a sturdy and stable outdoor cat scratching post. Wrapped with 12mm thick PP rope which is super fun to shred, as it produces the sound of destruction which...

    Wally Hex Corner 30


    Wally Hex Corner 30 is a unique cat shelf on the market, with 1-4 entrances. It is a centerpiece for your corner Hex wall.🍯 The shelf works great by itself,...

    Sharp View Bundle


    Sharp View Bundle is our new bundle featuring elements from our new contemporary cat Sharp line. It contains updated versions of our standard Wally Tunnel and Tunel Mini in both...

    Wally CornerTunnel 3-pack


    Wally CornerTunnel 3-pack is an ideal setup for a corner in a convenient package with combined shipping and great value price. Fits into uneven corners with ease since the elements...

    Wally Stacker


    Wally Stacker is the perfect accessory for the climber in your home. It's a great unit for playing, climbing, sleeping and exercising. Your cat is going to have some serious...

    Wally Hex 30


    Wally Hex 30 is a multifunctional wall element. The unit consists of 6 panels dimensions 30x30cm (12"x12") and a rear panel. It's easy to mount on the wall and stable....

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