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We have had put our shop on a break and will not be taking in new orders to catch up on everything. We're basically living in our workshop at the moment, so please keep in mind that it might take us more time to answer.
We're closing our shop so we can focus solely on shipping out as many delayed packages as we physically can.

The shipping ban for the US has been lifted at the end of last week, so we're full-time assembling, packing, and shipping the delayed orders. Once we clear out the workshop, we will finally be able to proceed at a normal pace with our current orders, but there will be delays in shipping.
We are doing our best to make the delays as small as possible, but the ban lasted almost two months, so there is a massive backlog of packages to process.
There's a new wave of COVID-19 currently messing up everything here and hopefully, there won't be closing of borders within EU. We're already marked as yellow or red to some countries, so some additional measures are in place.
Bear in mind this will take some time as we have lots of packages to ship and some still need to be assembled and packed. We'll try to send as much as we can, but it largely depends on the border crossing and procedures in place.
Packages are all insured and with tracking so as soon as yours are shipped you'll be getting an update from us.
We had to resort to packing almost everything ourselves, as everyone is massively overwhelmed with the sheer volume of parcels that need to be packed, processed, and shipped.
On top of everything, the Croatian Post has been terrible and completely unresponsive and has made this more complicated than necessary, but unfortunately, it's the only shipping option available.
They've changed the paperwork for shipping and neglected to inform everyone, so on top of everything the tracking slips we booked for US shipments are replaced by another type and we need to redo all the paperwork we've done for US shipments.
Due to COVID-19 measures, both our shipping partner and we are losing hours in waiting lines in front of post offices because they're taking in one person at a time, so the amount of parcels we can send daily is extremely limited.
EU: We're a bit behind but working on catching up. Our courier services are struggling to keep up due to the new wave of COVID and new measures taking place and delaying work. Delays are unfortunately a daily occurrence but hopefully, things will get back on track soon. ATM courier services are massively overwhelmed and there are no estimates on how long some parcels are going to travel. Some parcels get there really quickly, while others stay at courier hubs for a couple of days.
AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND: The shipping ban is still active. It's now been more than 3 months and there is no information on when things might get moving, so sorry, but we cannot take in orders.
*Rest of the World: Please convo us with all questions as things change daily and shipping is impossible to many places.

Here is a list of countries we're able to ship ATM:

We need to catch up on some orders and make room for finished products. We were not prepared for a scenario like this and we don't have any storage capacity as all orders generally went out the door as soon as they were finished. We've been struggling with working around numerous boxes stacked like Jenga and even had to resort to postponing the assembly of some products to the last moment, as the parts and folded boxes take up much less space than packages. This has caused numerous problems for us because we cannot work at the capacity we should be working so we need to take a few days with closed doors to refocus and reorganize.
Sorry if it takes us a bit longer to answer, we're swamped with messages and work. Please be patient, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
On a personal note, thanks to everyone who has reached out to us regarding our cat Freddie. We took some time away from the shop to take care of her as she was in the final stages of renal failure and we knew that the time we had left would be short. Despite all the efforts from us and the vets, she did not make it, but we take comfort in the fact that we were there for her until the very end and that she died peacefully in our arms. We fought for 2 months but lost the battle on 14/06 and we had a rough couple of days dealing with the grief and pain.

Thank you for all the support you have given to us, it really means a lot <3

Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your pets, we'll be back soon.
Areta & Damir

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