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Wally Big Scratchy Bundle

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Wally Big Scratchy bundle is ideal for bigger house cats, with extra fat scratching poles (⌀18cm/7.1'') on both ends of the space.
The setup is ideal for households with 3+ cats, with ample room for play, sleeping, and perching.
The setup is designed in a manner so that the cats have a lot of maneuvering space, they can select to perch on different height levels and have the options to climb back down without disturbing other cats.

There's a window perch up high, a wide carpeted bridge large enough for two cats to comfortably lie on it, with beds with lush pillows on both sides of the bridge, and a large hammock over the right flat shelf. That's more than enough space for your feline friends to soak up the sun while looking through the window, watching birds fly by and chattering.

The right side offers spaces for playing, jumping, and sleeping. You could be sipping coffee and reading a book while your cats are up high, doing their own business. Tunnels are focal points of play areas, multifunctional elements for jumping from one level to the other through the openings, playing catch and resting.

Every cat could have a place of their own and you could have the floor space all for yourself. In the end, everyone's a boss on their own level.

Full item list:
🐾 2x Wally Chonk Pole 110cm
🐾 BigCat Flat Plus
🐾 WideBridge 10
🐾 Flat 75 + extra cushion
🐾 BigCat Corner Plus
🐾 BigCat Tunnel
🐾 BigCat Tunnel Mini
🐾 4x Wally 1-Step
🐾 2x BigCat Cot

All elements come ready to install and are shipped in 6 packages due to the size and weight of the items.
The colors shown in the preview are grey for the accents, white for the bases, grey carpet and tan/beige cushions.

🌳- Solid Birch Plywood construction protected with multiple coats of non-toxic acrylic lacquer
- Painted Birch Plywood fronts come in various selectable colors
- Anti-slip carpeting covered top platform for better grip and softer surface
- Quality foam cushions for maximum comfort

👉Easy cleaning and maintenance with easily replaceable parts.
Replacement Cushions available from seller in standard dimensions.

🔨Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.
All you will need is a power drill with 8mm 5/16" drill bit and a Philips head or PZ2 bit

Requires approx 6m x 2,5m (19.7' x 8.2') of wall space for optimal arrangement.
Individual item sizes and specifications in their respective listings.

Included mounting hardware:
54 pcs. 8x40mm (5/16" x 1 9/16") universal Fischer DUOPOWER wall plugs
54 pcs. 5x60mm (3/16" x 2 3/8") mounting screw (6x60 (1/4" x 2 3/8") if necessary for heavier items)

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