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Sharp View Bundle

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Sharp View Bundle is our new bundle featuring elements from our new contemporary cat Sharp line.

It contains updated versions of our standard Wally Tunnel and Tunel Mini in both form and function, but with cleaner, more modern lines and more options to customize which bring a more playful approach.

The fronts and bases can be combined in multiple variations of colors, the primary idea was to create a wraparound version, with colors seemingly moving forward. The illusion can be created by using a darker color for the backdrop and giving the top and bottom shelf either in two shades of the same color or adding interest by clashing or complimentary colors. It's a bolder, more playful approach to design.

The Sharp elements are best used as a focal point in your design, making them the center of the cat activity area.
Some artistic freedom is great for making a unique feature for your space. Cat furniture doesn't need to be an eyesore but rather a design feature.

The setup is ideal for households with 2-5 cats, with ample room for play, sleeping, and perching.
Preview layout is designed in a manner so that the cats have maneuvering space and multiple routes to each element but the elements can be arranged in countless other combinations.
Every cat could have a place of their own and you could have the floor space all for yourself. In the end, everyone's a boss on their own level.

Don't forget that you can add extra cushions in different colors and combine them to follow holidays, occasions or just your mood.

If you're uncertain about the colors to use, contact us and we'll make a 3d visualization and send you how the real colors go with the fabrics selected.

Full item list:
🐾 1 x Sharp Tunnel
🐾 1 x Sharp Tunnel Mini
🐾 1 x Wally Corner Plus
🐾 1 x Wally Flat Plus
🐾 1 x Wally 3-Step
🐾 1 x Wally 1-Step 30

All elements come ready to install and are shipped in 3 packages due to the size and weight of the items.

🌳- Solid Birch Plywood construction protected with multiple coats of non-toxic acrylic lacquer
- Painted Birch Plywood fronts come in various selectable colors
- Anti-slip carpeting covered top platform for better grip and softer surface
- Quality foam cushions for maximum comfort

👉Easy cleaning and maintenance with easily replaceable parts.
Replacement Cushions are available from seller in standard dimensions.

🔨Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.
All you will need is a power drill with 8mm 5/16" drill bit and a Philips head or PZ2 bit

Requires approx 2,5m x 1,5m (8' x 5') of wall space for optimal arrangement.
Individual item sizes and specifications in their respective listings.

Included mounting hardware:
24 pcs. 8x40mm (5/16" x 1 9/16") universal Fischer DUOPOWER wall plugs
24 pcs. 5x60mm (3/16" x 2 3/8") mounting screw (6x60 (1/4" x 2 3/8") if necessary for heavier items)

Customer Reviews

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Maja Mudrovčić Garvan

Absolutely love the cat wall, so well made and looks fabulous and high quality, delivery was okay if you concidered it’s pandemic time and well packaged, brilliant service would highly recommend! I will buy again from Scratchy Things

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