So, you've decided to splurge on a cat room or wall. Congratulations, you are at exactly the right place. This is a guide to help guide you through selection process based on the size and needs of your cats and your budget. There are a lot of things we as pet owners need to think about when purchasing furniture for our beloved pets and we are here to help you with that. We have plenty of options that can be customized fully take advantage of the nooks and crannies in your home.

So, let's start with the basics:

  • number of cats

  • size and activity level of the cats

  • needs and preferred styles of lounging

  • primary purpose (activity center, separate feeding, shelter...)

 Scratchy Things Planning a Cat Wall

First, there is the issue of how many cats it needs to cater to.

As cat owners(or let's just be frank about the actual situation, servants) we have a duty to provide a safe environment for our feline friends. There is a big difference in planning a wall for 1 or 2 cats, or 12. You should take into consideration what your cats are oriented to, where they like to spend their time and how much are they irritated when another cat approaches them.

Cats are just like us, pretty unique, with different personalities, physical abilities and facing different challenges as they get older or sick. We now have the ability and knowledge on how to provide a safe environment for all the stages and to accommodate the needs of multiple cats in the same household.

Remember, when in doubt you can always ask us or do some online reading about the specific problem in your household. But with this guide, we'll try to make it simpler for both of us and to provide you with an insight of what is to come in the future, when your cat gets older.

First, think about the favourite activities of your cat or the difference in your cats. Not all cats like the same things, enjoy the same comforts, nor take an interest in the same views. Some like to be alone and hide, some are attention seekers, some are clingy just to be near (or really just on) you and some just need space to run and jump.

If you've assessed your situation, we can start thinking about the space which your cat will occupy.

Clingy cats will need space just beside you or a place just over your work desk.

Older cats or cats with physical disabilities will probably need a safer place with less spacing on the lower levels.

More agile cats, attention seekers, clowns and household acrobats will need more space, more height and more obstacles to keep them entertained and in great condition. Some will need not just places to jump and run, but also places that will make them crawl a bit and slow down, as some heights can potentially be dangerous to those high energy youngsters. We would all like to believe that cats are cautious, gracious and alert at all times, but the house tigers are sometimes everything but, and will be easily distracted with the most silly things, like a reflective spot of light that they will chase and fall down when they forget that they've reached the end of the road and the mysterious light just dissapears. Sayings like 'curiosity killed the cat' are unfortunately true.

Our feline friends are easily distracted, that 'look a squirrel' moment is always present and we adore them for that. The silliness is one of their features we're most infatuated with.

If your cat is one of those that likes to watch out the window, you should mount a shelf right beside a window, somewhere where they can lay and enjoy the view. Or if you have sliding windows or a window that you never open, you could hang a bridge over it. We suggest using a Widebridge for this, as it's more suitable for leisure and comes with carpet or artificial grass on top, so it's both soft and offers a better grip.

*note: Please, don't use this option if you have a tilt and turn style of windows, as that's a massive hazard to cats, they can badly hurt themselves or worse.

Wally Bundles

Wally  Cat Shelves

Wally Collection 

Our premade Bundles can help with the planning or make a great starting point for a new custom bundle. 


Importance of safety

Please, never leave your cats with windows opened on a tilt. Even if you think that a cat can't manage to get up there, remember that they can do whatever they set their minds to and that they will try to squeeze out if their head can fit through.

Don't forget to think about the things your cat is afraid of, or what irritates her. If she loves to hide, why not offer a snug place out of reach, where she can feel secure. If a cat is being bullied, she will need an escape route and a secure spot where a bully can't get into.

Sometimes out of sight means out of mind, both for the skittish cat and for the bully.

Cat shelves can also help reduce cat conflict. By adding shelves you're giving them more space to get away from each other and more space to claim as their own. Cats do feel safe on higher ground as it helps when dealing with disputes and gives them visibility over all surrounding areas.

Don't place furniture near doors if your cat is curious about the outside or is easily scared and could bolt if there's a panic.

Always think about safety!



Adapting to your cats' needs

Most of the cats love bridges. Some will just fly over them while others will take time and encouragement to walk over it. Timid cats love more stable and wider ledges so have that in mind.

If you work a lot, or you're out of home a lot, think about providing a safe and enriching environment for a bored cat. Even if there's a few of them, when they get to a certain age they choose to sleep more and be bored and fat, than to have active playtime with one another.

If your cat is a zoomie monster, you must have had a fair share of broken things. Zoomie cats lose their minds and forget about everything we call dear to us. When a zoomie calls, there's no reason, just running and jumping. For those kinds of active monsters, you'll need a clear path with a good grip, something that they can run through, kick on, and jump from. Something straightforward and fun. Either a Tunnel option, set of stairs, pole to climb up and down.

If your cat is a senior cat you'll need to provide a peaceful place for rest, maybe something that can provide both warmth and comfort. Our cushions are made of high-density memo foam, so they can distribute the weight well, provide good support for the spine and they will be soft to sleep on, especially with our selection of velvety soft fabric covers. 


Resolving mobility issues

If your cat has some mobility issues, reach out to us, as we could cater fully to its needs. Either by placing special ramps, providing extra carpeted spaces, using different kinds of fabric. If you have a cat with sinus issues that sneezes nasty buggers around, we could find a solution easier for maintenance, as you'll have buggers everywhere. If your cat is dealing with UTIs or has a hereditary bladder issue, you could opt-in for fabrics that don't allow moisture in. We offer those also, just specify the problem and we'll give you all the options available.

Your senior cat could also have problems moving around and keeping active, so she won't be reaching for the heights as she used to. The spacing between wall-mounted furniture should be smaller and ramps or denser stairs could help out. We suggest carpeted stairs for elderly cats as they sometimes lack balance.

If you're dealing with a kitten, don't plan on putting furniture up especially catered just for his size. A kitten will grow up extremely fast, and you'll need to make adjustments in spacing.

If you've got a chonk, a chonkser, a 'lawd he coming' kind of cat, you'll need all the help you can get to get it to move more. Chonks are clumsy in general and can't fit through everything... The head could, but the rest not very likely. We suggest something with good grip and wider shelves where they can feel safe.




If your cat is afraid to eat with others, provide it with a special, secluded space on a higher level. We have multiple feeder options to choose from. Also, if your cat has IBS or just runs and throws up without a reason, be aware that they projectile vomit and think about what could be vomited on underneath. We have a cat that will go on the highest shelf and vomit all the way down, by now we think that she's doing it on purpose and testing the limits. Well, we've been vomited on and cleaned vomit from every single surface, so jokes on her, but she still tries to outdo herself.



If your cat loves clawing your furniture, that means it is marking it as its own. You could stop the practice by adding shelves and more, especially cat climbing poles . A cat pole should be no shorter than the length of your stretched cat. It needs to be a challenge and an exercise. Cats don't usually use the bottom part of the post, so you can cheat a bit on the length and lift the post about 30cm of the ground. That way it will be easier to clean the floors. The thicker the post, the more fun it is. It mimics a tree and brings out the wild tiger in them. Also note that the post can be made spaced right next to the wall, or further out to make usage of the whole pole better. We use thick high-quality ropes (sisal and jute) that provide cats with a more enjoyable experience, as they can punch in their claws further and spread as hard as they want. The thicker rope is long-lasting and more exquisite to look at.

If your cat has paw issues, either it's been declawed (which means it is missing all of its fingertips) or has some injuries due to frostbite, fire, or something else, you should consider that as there is a likelihood that it feels pain, doesn't have grip nor the conviction to climb or jump. They have the base instinct to kneed and scratch, but may not be able to. This is a delicate matter and should be assessed case by case. You know best what the cat can do and how it acts. Some cats with this issue have a hard time using the litterbox, others don't climb...



Pick the size of furniture to suit your cats' adult size.

Keep in mind also the kind of breed your cat is, they could be a really small breed or a giant one, so prepare accordingly. Picking the right sized furniture will make sure it lasts you a longer time and less replacements are needed.

Most cats/cat breeds fall within the "medium" size with average weights between 9-11lbs. The general rule is that a cat weighs about as much pounds as they are tall in inches give or take up to 2lbs with rare exceptions. Bigger-boned breeds can have a higher variance on the heavier side while smaller breeds may have higher variance on the lighter side in regard to height.

Here is a great visual chart to help you with figuring our your cats' size made by lilwyverngirl:

Cat size chart


If you have a Bobtail cat, you should be aware that they have an issue with balance and agility. The benefit of a long tail is in the balance and grace during jumps and play. Manx bobtail's on the other hand are athletically built with shorter backs, which doesn't mean they don't need a more gripping surface to ascend on. They're known to be active and powerful jumpers.


If you have a Bengal cat or a Savannah, you should watch out because they are highly active and intelligent. They're constantly on the move, adore climbing to high places, playing fetch and they thrive best with high platforms and require much more space than your average house cat. They still got some wild in them, and we do love them for it, but it could be a huge problem if they don't have enough vertical space. They love to climb, the higher the better. Provide them with tall cat trees, posts, and with window perches. They're highly intelligent and enjoy the attention, so try integrating interactive toys and puzzles with their furniture. It's best to have them in pairs, as they get easily bored and start taking things apart and finding ways to open doors, drawers, and cabinets.

With a Bengal, there is no such thing as too much furniture and too many toys. They require a lot of attention and mental stimulation and can be expensive to keep as they usually tend to do a lot of damage if not properly amused.

If you have the space, dedicate a room just for them, a space where they can do whatever they want away from your furniture. Remember that they are highly skilled predators and not a cat you should leave home alone all day. If your home is lacking entertainment value, your cat will likely find its own way to combat boredom. This could include destroying your TV or getting into things it shouldn't.

Savannah cats can leap an astounding 8 feet in height, Bengals can jump up to three times their height, which means they can easily find a way onto just about any shelf in your home. Also, they both have great "flying" abilities, are excellent climbers, and will find places to hide in places where you'll never imagine they would venture.

Big Scratchy Bundle


Abyssian cats and Ocicat are somewhat similar but smaller in size and require lots of puzzle toys to keep them busy, and they absolutely adore watching the outside world from a window perch. They are in constant motion-jumping, climbing, and exploring and are impressively athletic so chose your battles with them.


Another athletic breed is the Turkish van, but albeit athletic, they are ridiculously clumsy and not at all graceful. Their high energy levels and playful nature don't go hand in hand with the things we have around our homes. They will jump and climb almost everything, so take care of your precious belongings and provide them with an ample amount of furniture and toys to keep them busy and happy.



Maine Coon cats are excellent climbers also. They have a flexible spine, strong back legs, and muscles. They are more logical and sensible and will often opt for the simpler route up to the top, rather than exerting a singular large burst of energy into jumping upwards. They are highly energetic and remain playful and kitten-like well into their adult years, but are prone to obesity, so you should provide them with ample space to climb and with a lot of activities. You should take into account their natural hunting skills, as those have kept them alive in the wilderness, and use them to keep them healthy and active. A simple game of fetch or a laser pointer could do the trick.

Unfortunately, they have some common health issues such as Hip Dysplasia, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Neuromuscular disorders, and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. So be aware when choosing the right furniture. Although they can jump really high up, due to health concerns it's better to have a sturdy and well-balanced wall setup with ample of perches, bridges, and big cushioned shelves. Our cushions offer great support and relieve the pressure off of their bones and joints.

Giant cat bridge


If you're dealing with an Egyptian Mau, you have an incredible jumper and the fastest cat breed from all domestic cats. Those intelligent and loyal cats love surveying their owners for above. So if they aren't provided with a high enough perch, they'll find one themselves, either on the top of the refrigerator or on a bookshelf. They're energetic and athletic and they're known for self-regulating their nutrition to keep themselves in top form, so we need to help them and provide them with exercise runs. They need things to climb and run through and are incredibly nimble and quick in doing so. They're sensitive to cold weather so place their perches on high places, near the heaters. 

Post and Scratchers

Posts and items with Sisal rope

Wally Bed shelves

Wally Bed shelves


If you have a Siamese cat, you should look into making the best out of the space where you spend most of the time, as that's where a typical Siamese would be, right beside you, chatting and seeking attention. They are a constant companion and a constant judger of all the things you do, so plan their space accordingly. Having a perched area beside a kitchen window could keep your friend at bay, or an area beside or above your work desk. They are emotionally sensitive and also sensitive to the cold, so if you have a radiator-opt for the radiator mounted Toasty Flat or Toasty Cot.


Great examples of affectionate and social breeds are Oriental shorthair cats, Balinese cats, Snowshoe, Birman, Exotic Shorthair. Always put their furniture near you, as that's where they'll be.


Work from home cat shelf Scratchy Things


If you have a Himalayan or a Persian cat, you could get by with mostly cushioned furniture, as they are not overly active and prefer to nap on the comfiest of places. They're low-key, social, and affectionate, and you won't see them jumping around like crazy or trying to climb up your curtains. They enjoy a cat tree as any other cat, but for some, they're just not a necessity. They enjoy a more romantic approach, such as lying in a sunny window perch where they can chatter at birds in comfort. Everything padded is fine by them.


Our home is filled with common domestic cats found on the streets. They come in all sizes and shapes so we use a mishmash of furniture to provide for all of their needs. They all use both the standard versions of our Wally tunnels and perches and the BigCat ones. The younger ones play a lot, while the mature ones tend to move to quieter areas and mostly follow us around, so we have furniture adjacent to our office desks to keep them away from the keyboards. It really does help a lot.


Cat Item Sizing chart – Scratchy Things
Our weight/sizing chart should help you decide if the item is suitable for your cats size.


Water and Plants

Also, think about where you put their water fountains or bowls, as putting it underneath the furniture can result in more hair in it, or sometimes even a wet clumsy cat.

As we've removed cats from the outdoors, there's a need to bring the flora into our homes and to provide enriching elements to their lives. You can use any kind of our feeder and stick a pot of grass into it. We've made a step with an integrated flower pot mount so your cat can enjoy a subtle high from a Snake plant or a juicy chew of cat grass. It's our responsibility to cater to all of their needs and adding smells and elements from the outside helps a lot in the preservation of their mental health and activity levels.


Flora plant catnip shelves Scratchy Things

Items with Plant options


If you have any questions, issues, or just need help, please let us know. We'll do our best to help you.