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Wally product line keeps your cat in top physical form, active and entertained. Sometimes our feline friends need more than standard cat trees, scratchers or shelves made for human use in mind.

We create handcrafted wall-mounted systems designed to engage with felines' playful instincts. Wally line offers unlimited configurations and with numerous custom made options, it can fit in any home and with any style.

It's fun, versatile and durable.

Wally line carries a number of interesting products, from ceiling-mounted walkways and beds, wall mounted perches, cat feeding stations and more. 

Wall systems are a great space saving idea for small spaces and apartments when you don't want to take up valuable floor space, and can be placed much higher than the traditional floor to ceiling cat trees. 

We all know how much cats love to be in high places and watch the world go by form safety and comfort. Human dwellings may seem stupidly boring for cats who, in their natural state, are fond of climbing, jumping, and perching.  Wall mounted shelves allow cats to scale the walls and routes created to allow your cat to explore your home from a height.

We provide great design that provides endless entertainment for cats of all sizes and ages.

100% Handcrafted

All our items are handcrafted, made to order and customizeable.

Processing times:

6-10 weeks depending on existing order queue.

Delivery times:

4-8 business days EU
10-20 b. days Worldwide

Ecological & recycleable

The materials we use are eco-friendly and sustainable