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We've been planning a catio collection for the longest time. It has been in testing and development for the last 5 years, and we've finally found just all the right materials and ways to go about mounting all the furniture, as the catio enclosures are much harder to figure out than just mounting it on the walls.

As we specialize in making custom-made furniture, all the items can be made to work with the specifics of your space. Everything can be customized in size, orientation, colors, fabrics, carpeting, and mounting options.

All the materials used are tested and safe for your pets. The wood used is smooth sanded multiple times, it's a waterproof birch plywood that's coated with multiple coats of outdoor acrylic paints. It's UV, mold, and water resistant.

The cushions are made with 5cm thick foam that supports the cat's body, evenly distributing the weight of a cat which is gentle to the bones and muscles. The cushion fabric is water-repellent, easy to maintain, UV and mold-resistant, and resistant to rips and tears.

The carpeting options are artificial grass or a thick hard carpet with outdoor padding. They're not absorbent, so urine and puke stains do not represent a problem. They're easy to clean as you can just wash them with a sponge or a damp cloth. They're not glued in, but securely stapled. This means they can eventually be replaced, but should last for years.

The carpet is mildew, abrasion, fire, chemical, and sunlight resistant and designed to not fry around the edges.
The artificial grass is a stimulating environment for a cat. We've chosen a high-quality thick grass that is soft to the touch and doesn't shed. It's durable, resilient, yet comfortable and safe.

The rope used is a 12mm thick PP rope. It's incredibly strong and durable and cats love shredding it, as they can sink their claws fully in and it produces a specific sound that they love. The rope is low density and light enough to float, so it won't be absorbing any moisture which would add weight to the post. It won't shrink, it's rot, chemical, heat, and friction resistant. It comes in a variety of colors, for more info please DM us.


    Catio BigCat Tunnel - outdoor cat house


    Catio BigCat Tunnel is a multifunctional outdoor cat shelf designed and reinforced to accommodate cats of all sizes, especially larger cats. The Tunnel has large window openings on both sides but...

    Catio Walkway - outdoor cat fixed platform

    from €120,00

    The outdoor cat walkway is a plank style shelf with a railing to keep your cats secure. It will keep your cat from rolling and minimize the danger when having...

    Catio Scratching Post - Outdoor cat scratching pole

    from €260,00

    This is a sturdy and stable outdoor cat scratching post. Wrapped with 12mm thick PP rope which is super fun to shred, as it produces the sound of destruction which...

    Ultimate Big Cat Catio Bundle


    Our Ultimate Big Cat Catio Bundle is a preview of how an outdoor cat enclosure could look and how it could be utilized. This version was made with shelves from...

    Catio Big Balcony Bundle - set of cat shelves for an apartment balcony


    Cat outdoor enclosures are not just attached to houses but can be our apartment balconies. As the space is at a premium and, if we're lucky, our small space in...

    Catio Small Balcony Bundle - set of cat shelves for an apartment balcony


    This catio bundle provides a quaint setup for a small balcony and has plenty of space to accommodate 3 to 4 cats. It is built for vertical climbing, and all...

    Catio Loft - outdoor multilevel cat shelf


      Outdoor Cat Loft is the perfect playground for 2 to 3 cats in a compact place. This could be called a Perching Cat hotel as it has 3 levels with...

    Catio CornerTunnel - outdoor cat house


    Catio Corner Tunnel is a 2-platform cat outdoor house ideal for corners. It works best when multiple units are stacked on top of each other and fit into uneven corners...

    Catio Stacker - multilevel cat outdoor shelf


    Catio Stacker is a multifunctional outdoor cat shelf and is a perfect accessory for the climber in your home. It's a great unit for playing, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. Your...

    Catio Cot - outdoor cat hammock


    Catio Cot is a cat hammock, designed and tested for outdoor use. The construction is sturdy, made out of 18mm thick waterproof birch ply protected with multiple coats of outdoor...

    Catio BigCat Cot - outdoor cat hammock for larger cats


    Catio Big Cat Cot is a hammock for larger cats, designed and tested for outdoor use. The construction is sturdy, made out of 18mm thick waterproof birch ply protected with...

    Catio Scratching Post Angle - Outdoor cat leaning / angled scratching pole

    from €270,00

    This angled scratching post is a connection ramp between two levels of different heights. Depending on the angle it's at, it's a great exercise for cats' body strength and ideal for...

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