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    Ultimate Big Cat Catio Bundle


    Our Ultimate Big Cat Catio Bundle is a preview of how an outdoor cat enclosure could look and how it could be utilized. This version was made with shelves from...

    Wobbly Flat

    from €110,00

    A wide and long cat shelf with a safety rail. It was designed to keep disabled and sick cats safe, with enough room to safely stumble and occasionally fall and...

    Wobbly Ramp

    from €120,00

    Cat ramp for cats with disabilities, impairments, obesity, and degenerative issues. The ramp can be used by all cats, but this version is wide and goes with our other products...

    Wobbly Tunnel XL


    Large wall cat shelf primarily made for cats with disabilities. It's a long and wide cat tunnel great for cats of all sizes. Having a cat with seizures, epilepsy, tremors,...

    Wobbly Tunnel L


    Cat shelf specifically made for cats with disabilities in mind. It's wide and comfortable, good for cats of all sizes. The enclosed front element keeps the cat safe, while the...

    Floory CornerBox


    CornerBox is a cube den ideal for cats of all sizes and conditions. It's a cat house with a comfortable cushion inside. Has a large corner opening that makes it...

    Boxy Nightstand


    End table/Nightstand with integrated drawer and a cat bed 🌳Solid Birch Plywood construction protected with multiple coats of non-toxic acrylic lacquer Painted Birch Plywood fronts in various colorsQuality single-piece foam...

    Wally Skyway - ceiling mounted cat shelf, feline highway, walkway

    from €120,00

    Wally Skyway is a ceiling-mounted cat pathway, a sky highway for your observer. Expanding your cats' space up to the ceiling. It's a well-known fact that our feline friends are...

    Wally Skyhex - ceiling mounted cat shelf, hexagonal hub for multi way platform/bridge access, Cat intersection perch


    A ceiling-mounted large cat shelf that acts as a hub for all the activity up high. It could be a lounge area or serve as an intersection between a couple...

    Catio Big Balcony Bundle - set of cat shelves for an apartment balcony


    Cat outdoor enclosures are not just attached to houses but can be our apartment balconies. As the space is at a premium and, if we're lucky, our small space in...

    Catio Small Balcony Bundle - set of cat shelves for an apartment balcony


    This catio bundle provides a quaint setup for a small balcony and has plenty of space to accommodate 3 to 4 cats. It is built for vertical climbing, and all...

    Nibbler Castle


    This bunny rabbit castle is the perfect kingdom for your bun or a guinea pig. It's elegant and could go great with your décor style and color palette. This setup...

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