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Toasty Cot

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Toasty Cot is a luxury hammock for your cat. It's easy to install and can easily be adjusted onto any radiator. It's sturdy, cozy and versatile. Hammock cover is removable for easier cleaning.

- Cat Bed/hammock for radiator mounting
🌳- Solid Birch Plywood construction protected with multiple coats of non toxic acrylic lacquer
- Painted Birch Plywood in various colors

👉Easy cleaning and maintenance with easily replaceable parts.
Replacement hammock covers available from seller in standard dimensions.

📏Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 30 cm

📏 Minimum gap for the mounting brackets is 6cm / 2.4" and maximum is 10,5cm / 4.1".
The back bracket can be detached and mounted lengthwise and then the maximum is 14cm / 5.5"
The brackets have a slot down the middle so they can easily be tied with rope or wire for extra safety if needed.

100% Handcrafted

All our items are handcrafted, made to order and customizeable.

Processing times:

6-10 weeks depending on existing order queue.

Delivery times:

4-8 business days EU
10-20 b. days Worldwide

Ecological & recycleable

The materials we use are eco-friendly and sustainable