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Wally Step Feeder

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With Wally Step Feeder you can create separate feeding areas to prevent your cat and dog from eating each others food.
You could use it as a solo object, just as a simple elevation from the ground. Or you could mount it next to almost any other cat shelf. It goes perfectly next to our Wally Flat models.

💖HEALTHY & SAFE FEEDING- Most dogs/cats have spine issues, arthritis and neck/back problems. Did you know that a raised feeder helps prevent indigestion and stomach discomfort, saving your pet from a multitude of problems (and yourself from expensive visits to the vet)? Recommended by vets and pet care professionals, this elevated dog and cat feeding station will reduce strain on your pet’s joints, neck, hips and shoulders and promote a better posture!

✔ 2 STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS- They are durable and sanitary. Dishwasher safe. You can use one bowl for water feeding and another for food. Or you can feed two pets, one food bowl per pet, perfect arrangement. Bowl capacity 450ml/15oz (11cm/4.3" inner, 13cm/5.1" outer diameter)

📢There are a few reasons why elevated cat feeders are a great solution for solving some of the problems widely spread among cats. Cats are prone to medical conditions where their esophagus makes swallowing hard, creating reflux or vomiting in some cases.

Elevated feeding bowls allow the cat to relax its body when eating, which is especially important with older cats because sometimes the stress in muscles, bones or joints does not allow them to eat much, which means they are lacking all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

🐱‍🚀In general, elevating the food and water bowls helps cats to reduce strain when leaning their bodies, which helps to avoid future problems in the hips, spine or digestive system

🌳Solid Birch Plywood construction is protected with multiple coats of non toxic acrylic lacquer
Painted Birch Plywood fronts come in various colors
Stainless steel feeding/water bowls are dishwasher safe, durable and easily replaceable.

👉It is built for easy cleaning and maintenance with easily replaceable parts.

📏Dimensions: 33 x 16 x 13 cm (13" x 6,3" x 5,1")

🔨Included mounting hardware:
4 pcs. 8x40mm (5/16" x 1 9/16") universal Fischer DUOPOWER wall plugs
4 pcs. 5x60mm (3/16" x 2 3/8") mounting screw

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maja Mudrovčić Garvan

We love our Wally Step Feeder! \nIt makes it easy for cats to eat and use it. It looks great with the rest of Cat furniture. And easy to clean!

Elegant, sturdy and functional, the cats love it

Elegant, sturdy and functional, the cats love it. Great quality and customer service. Definitely ordering more items soon.

Great quality

Great quality - got this to go with some wall furniture we already had, and our cat loves it.

Great quality!!!

Great quality and very well made!!!!

Julie Boby

Very nice finitions. Seems strong. Even got 2 little gifts in the package with it !!! The fact that you can fix it where ever you want makes it very useful. Had to wait some time for the items to be finished but once shipped, it was really fast to arrived ! I recommend this shop.

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