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Nibbler HayBuffet

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🐰 Nibbler HayBuffet is the largest hay rack in our selection.

It's great for larger bunny or guinea pig groups as it holds a massive amount of hay.

We wanted it to be easy to move around and clean so we added handles to it.
The HayBuffet has a railing around the bottom and on the sides to keep as much hay contained inside the unit. It's slightly elevated with a pair of legs, to preserve it from any spillage or pee accidents on the floor.

The HayBuffet will provide ample space for the fluffy ones to distribute themselves out, without making a fuss about personal space.
The standard option is open on both sides, but if you want to have it pushed against the wall, we could close one side off. If you have any more customizations you would like to do to it, just ask.

🌲 we use kiln-dried dowels instead of cutout shapes. The dowels are spaced in a specific width to provide safe nibbling so that their cute nozzle can go through without getting their teeth caught on something. The cutouts do look cute and lovely, but are not good options for picky eaters, or even for regular buns or piggies as they could get stuck and injured. Also, the dowels are nibble safe and your pet can have access to all the hay in the hayrack, not just the parts right around the cutout. Please, always think about safety before ordering something. It may look cute, but most of the cutouts are stars, harts of bunny-shaped with narrow cuts on the bottom, where their nozzle and teeth could get stuck, chipped, or even dislocated. From what we've seen, only the round cutouts are safe, but they have to be big enough, but your pet still won't be able to reach all the hay in it.

🐰 A little trick for picky eaters: hide leaves of favorite greens inside the hay, or even rub them around on the hay. They'll be immediately enticed to start nibbling.

🐾 The lid pops in the place for easy cleaning and hay refilling.

 👉Wood is coated with protective non-toxic food-grade water-based lacquer for maximum durability and longevity.

📢Absolutely glue-free construction for safe and worry-free nibbling.
Built for easy cleaning and maintenance. and comes fully assembled and ready to use.

📏Size: 80 x 32 x 31 cm / 31.5" x 12.6" x 12.2"


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