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Wally Link

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Wally Link is a part of a cat highway 🐈, a fully adjustable ramp linking 2 furniture pieces on different height levels.

It's a connective element that can be a helpful tool in situations when:

✅you just want to connect two elements to ensure the safety of the cat(or maybe yourself, as the shelves could be just hanging over you and your cat is somewhat ungraceful)

✅your cat has trouble getting around and could use a little help, either she is getting older or has disability issues

    🚧 Wally Link has a railing to keep cats from rolling over and to minimize the potential danger when having furniture way up high.
    It's a playful element that gives cats support and security.

    It's carpeted with our standard heavy-duty carpet with rubber padding that is resilient and hard to claw on. It's mildew, abrasion, chemical, and sunlight resistant and designed to not fray around the edges. It isn't absorbent, so any puke or urine stain is not a problem. It can be spot cleaned with a sponge or a damp cloth and as it's chemical resistant, can be disinfected when needed.
    It's securely stapled, which makes it easy to replace.
    The great thing about the Olefin carpet is that it is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Just vacuum it from time to time to keep it clean.

    ♻️Wally Link has a base made out of our standard 18mm thick environmentally friendly birch plywood, while the railing is 9mm thick ply, and painted with certified water-based paints and lacquers that are safe for cats.
    The wall basses our 36mm thick and extra sturdy.

    💪It's handmade and made-to-order.
    🤟Appropriate for cats of all shapes and sizes.

    🎢They're an ideal option for Maine Coon cats who take the more logical and sensible route, rather than exerting a singular large burst of energy into jumping. Also, great for cats with health concerns such as Hip Dysplasia who need to have a sturdy and well-balanced wall setup.

    🐽Ideal for cats that are prone to obesity, as it gives them safety and provides ample space to climb and walk.

    ☮️Cats feel safer on higher ground as it helps them deal with disputes with other pets in your household and gives them visibility over all surrounding areas.

    ♿️Less spacing between elements gives older cats or cats with physical disabilities the safety they need to have an enriched and fulfilled life.

    🙈We would like to believe that cats are gracious, cautious, and alert at all times, but the house tigers are sometimes everything but, and will be easily distracted with the silliest things, like a reflective sod of light that they will chase and fall when they forget that they've reached the end of the road and the mysterious light just disappears.
    Sayings like "curiosity killed the cat" are unfortunately true sometimes, as our feline friends are easily distracted so it is better to keep them on the safe side.

    📏Dimensions 📐
    Height: 16cm/6.3"
    Width: 22cm/8.7" (24cm/9.5" with fences)
    Ramp length: 50cm-100cm / 19.7"- 39.4" - Selectable from options
    Ramp connector length: 2 x 17cm / 6.7"

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