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Wobbly - furniture for cats with disabilites

Caring for animals with medical issues and disabilities is always a daunting job. It takes over you as you try to control as many things as you can. It's hard seeing your beloved pet struggle and it's even harder when you're not certain how to help them and provide them with security.


Having a cat with seizures, epilepsy, tremors, Feline cerebellar Hypoplasia/Wobbly Cat Syndrome, brain tumors, or anything that can impair their walking, everyday functions, and sensory issues can be a real challenge. We all try to do our best, but there is no general guideline for selecting the right furniture pieces for these kinds of situations, and not everyone has the time or mental capacity to dig deep into the problem and scour the Internet for things that might work.


Our Wobbly line of products is a result of years of research and working with animals with different types of disabilities.


Our feline friends deserve to have the best lives possible. We might have saved them, but in all honesty, they are the ones who saved us and deserve the World.


    Wobbly Flat

    from €110,00

    A wide and long cat shelf with a safety rail. It was designed to keep disabled and sick cats safe, with enough room to safely stumble and occasionally fall and...

    Wobbly Ramp

    from €120,00

    Cat ramp for cats with disabilities, impairments, obesity, and degenerative issues. The ramp can be used by all cats, but this version is wide and goes with our other products...

    Wobbly Tunnel XL


    Large wall cat shelf primarily made for cats with disabilities. It's a long and wide cat tunnel great for cats of all sizes. Having a cat with seizures, epilepsy, tremors,...

    Wobbly Tunnel L


    Cat shelf specifically made for cats with disabilities in mind. It's wide and comfortable, good for cats of all sizes. The enclosed front element keeps the cat safe, while the...

    Floory CornerBox


    CornerBox is a cube den ideal for cats of all sizes and conditions. It's a cat house with a comfortable cushion inside. Has a large corner opening that makes it...

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