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Bridge mounting options


Cat bridges are great space-saving contributions to the cats' space, extending their domain and spanning physical obstacles that were unthought of before. Suddenly, they could walk above us, walking at their own pace and captivating heights that seemed unreachable before. Their space expanded and the views got better. They were finally the true kings and queens of our homes, watching us puny humans from above, judging us and smirking at us. Surveying a kingdom is a tough job, so we had to step up the game, and make their bridges more inviting, stable and secure.
When combined with other wall and ceiling mounted products they're great stimulators for exercise and play, enlarging the cats' living space while giving them the ability to explore new heights.

Our bridges are the most customizable elements of them all. They're comprised of two shelves or mounting brackets, or a combination of both, and a hanging walkway between the two. You can choose the length of the bridge, the size of the bars (thin or wide) and the wide bridge has a carpet as an option, which is ideal for less mobile, timid and clumsy cats and it will give superior traction for a safe walk on the heights. 
Bridges come in multiple versions with various mounting points and can easily be added to any setup.
Bridges can be attached to almost all products, on all room facing sides. They can be mounted on ceiling platforms, on wall elements or on both, they can even be mounted on your existing furniture.
Options are endless and if you need help visualizing, feel free to contact us for a concept preview.


Wally Bridge Mounting Positions

Our standard bridges come in 3 different lengths, but since it's all made to order, bridges can be longer or shorter. The longer the bridge the more it will sway, so keep that in mind if you have a timid cat.

They're simple suspension bridges, with two hard-bearing sisal ropes carrying the bars and following a hyperbolic curve, the CATenary. The curve is stiffened and made more stable by 2 screws in each bar, ensuring that the bars stay in place. This stiffness allows the bridges to be more stable and to carry much more weight while reducing the twisting motion.

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