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Influencer Collaboration


Due to being overwhelmed with social media marketing and influencer marketing offers recently, we have decided to specify what our collaboration goals are and what we expect from anyone we collaborate with.

We are a small business-oriented on working directly with our clients. We design and make our own products and sell them exclusively. Our products are made to order, high quality and too complex to be mass-produced. We cater to each of our customers individually and offer a great deal of customization and help with the design process.  

Our goal is a sincere relationship with our marketing collaborators and we are focused on natural and honest recommendations of our products based on real use and are not interested in paid endorsements.

These are some of the reasons why we don't do giveaways with influencers, nor do we provide commissions on sales.


If you're the right fit for us, you'll get a non-monetary compensation, such as free products that you'll need to showcase in an agreed-upon terms. If our collab brings enough of clout, we could revise our terms and make a new signed agreement that would ensure you a financial gain in the future. We're looking for a long term investment, someone who would tie its brand with ours in a mutually beneficial agreement.

If you want a partnership with us, you'll have to invest to play the game. Your space, style, and posts should be something that will work great for both your audience and ours.

Buy a few items and make a story out of it in your home, with your pets. Show us that your audience has a real interest and keep in mind that you'll be an official extension of our brand. Therefore, we'll need to ensure that what you've said in the past will not negatively reflect on our brand.

We would critically consider whether you have the credibility or the perspective to help tell a story about our brand and you and your pets.

Our goals are simple, increasing brand awareness and sales and improving our social media presence.

If you're already using our products and posting about it, the partnership is more natural and appears more genuine to followers. There must be alignment between our perceived brand image and yours, in order to ensure that the posts you create don't look like a mismatch.

We would focus on building a quality relationship and would work closely together.

Our goal is to make a branded partnership where you hold your creative freedom and we would not interfere with the content-creation process.

We would hold the right to use your photos of our product in further social campaigns and we would tag you on them or give photo credit. We would re-share your content on our own company social media and give you credit for it. That way would work best for both brands.

We would be delighted to help you create a wonderful home for your pets. We would work together in choosing the right products to showcase in your home and you would have the freedom to work your magic around it. It would be best if your visual identity could be integrated with everything and since all of our products are made to order and customizable, that really shouldn't be a problem. We would help you in any way we can.  

We want our products to be showcased in a real home, with a real story and a real human connection. We want it to be subtle, rather than in your face promotion. This means you would have the freedom to write about anything, as long as our products are somewhere on the photos and your audience is aware that we're in a branded partnership. Great photos and storytelling can do wonders and we don't want to overshadow your style, rather be incorporated in it.



If you contact us for a collaboration request please be forthcoming in answering our questions as it will simplify things greatly.

Are you a fan of our brand and why?

You'll need to write and often visually show us what attracts you to our brand. How are you using/or how you'll be using our products? We need someone relatable. Micro-influencers, who are already fans and may have already produced content on our products and services, come as natural and sincere to their audience, helping to provoke a positive reaction.

Who is your audience and how engaged are they?

Anyone can have a lot of followers (whether they are real or fake), but it takes relevant and relatable content in order to have a high level of engagement on posts that we're looking for. High levels of followers with no engagement mean low ROI and we're not interested in just blank views. We seek engagement over reach. Both you and your audience need to be relatable to our brand and vision.
Your audience, who are familiar with your tone of voice and with your style, will be quick to detect when you're pushing a brand message that lacks authenticity and relevance.
You should generally stick to your theme and have a specific image that you're conveying to your followers. Product placement should not look out of place on your feed.
The other important thing to consider is location. We're selling worldwide and would like to be presented in that way, not just targeting a small portion of one country. Your audience should be international and willing to pay high-end prices of high-quality furniture.

How much of your content are sponsored posts?

We would like to make sure to work with an influencer whose account does not have more than half of the posts sponsored. An account that has too many sponsored posts can come off as inauthentic. We would like to find a good mix of sponsored and authentic posts. The sponsored post should not seem as if its a stark contrast compared to your other posts. We would like it to feel like a genuine endorsement rather than a post in exchange for payment.

Do you work with any of our competitors?

You can be collaborating with other brands doing relevant, but not the same items as our brand. For instance, you could be doing collabs with manufacturers of pet collars and if that goes great with your visual and storytelling that's an awesome plus.
We wouldn't be interested in collaborations where the influencer is trying to snag a chance from every other pet furniture maker out there, we're looking for a long term commitment.
So, consider whether this opportunity conflicts with any other brands on your portfolio. We would avoid working with influencers who have already promoted products from our direct competitors.

What were your most successful brand partnerships?

We would look at examples of your work to get an idea of how your audience responds.

What platforms are you on?

We just need to make sure you're using the same platform as our targeted audience. The more platforms you're on, the better. This will help us to clarify how you're going to send traffic our way.

Will you be able to report the analytics?

We would need to see which tools you're using and agree upon the metrics you're going to provide us.


If your goals are compatible with ours and you think we could collaborate please contact us at
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