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Nibbler NaughtyVille 2in1

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🐰 Nibbler NaughtyVille is the solution for the messy bunny in your life. 🐰

Either you have a picky eater who pulls all the hay out of the rack or a digger who constantly cleans its toilet by either digging everything out or tossing the toilet box around until there's mayhem and golden poop all around.
We say no more to the messy bunny!

The messy bunny can now hop along further and try of thinking something new to do, but we're done with cleaning giant messes every single time.
No more pee stains on the floor or on the 28th new carpet option we bought to try to appease the bun bun. No more.
Hay remains inside the walls, while the litter box is neatly tucked in under the wooded construction. No bunny can lift that thing, we made sure of it.

Our adorable daredevils can now have more time to think about the choices in their lives, like "was chewing the 3rd phone cable this month a wise choice, while the servant was scavenging the internet for new toys and chewables for my poor soul? Should I really be that proud of myself? " or the classic "Was eating servant's plant or stealing chocolate worth the grey hairs on servant's head and that awful tummy ache?".

We'll give them something to think about. We're sure they'll find some other thing to do, some other thing to chew on or toss around, but at least some messes will be contained.
Naughty Ville will keep your bunny pen as clean as possible.

Why the name? Well, the naughty part is self-explanatory and Ville (French pronunciation:[vil]) is the French word nowadays meaning "city" or "town", but its meaning in the Middle Ages was "farm" (from Gallo-Romance VILLA < Latin villa rustica) and then "village".
If the bunny in our life has the aspirations of nobility but the manners of a middle ages peasant, so be it, we're here to enforce order and prosperity in their little domain.

Solid birch plywood feeder with integrated hay holders and litter pan
It is ideal for a corner of a rabbit enclosure and will hold enough hay for a rabbit's daily needs.

🐾Your bunny can't really eat too much hay. They should be eating their body size each and every day, and hay should make around 90% of their diet.

A mature rabbit needs hay available 24h a day. Due to this, it is important that your hay feeder can hold enough hay that your rabbit will not run out during the day.
Your pets will keep bothering you to refill the rack if the volume is too small. This is especially crucial if you are gone for long stretches during the day.

Nibbler Combo Corner is a hay feeder with an integrated litter box. Rabbits release their bladder while eating their favorite grass and that is why the hay feeder comes with a toilet even though it doesn’t sound quite appropriate.
The litter absorbs the liquid and feces preventing contamination of the food. Due to this, when the hay falls into the litter box, it is easy to remove it before your bunnies try to eat it.
We recommend you put the hay feeder a bit further from the playground to urge your pets to exercise and move more. If they just stayed near the food zone, chances are they wouldn’t stop eating.

👉Wood is coated with a protective non-toxic food-grade water-based lacquer and paint for maximum durability and longevity.
Absolutely glue-free construction for safe and worry-free nibbling.
Built for easy cleaning and maintenance.
📣Comes fully assembled and ready to use.

👉Includes a litter pan that is easily replaceable.
The litter pan is free standing and the wooden part is easily lifted up for easier cleaning.
The litter pan comes in Red, Blue, or Grey color. Random color will be sent if color is not stated in the note.
All movable parts snap into place eliminating the need for any extra tools or fastening.
Hay box top lids are removable for easier access and cleaning.

📣Ideal for 1-2 bunnies.
📏Size: 61 x 45 x 35 cm / 24" x 17.7" x 13.8"
📏Litter box size: 54,5 x 39,5 x 12,5cm / 21.5" x 15.6" x 4.9"

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