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Window Corner Bundle

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Window Corner Bundle is one of our medium-sized bundles containing selected elements for a functional cat corner and is ideal for 2-3 cats.
It offers 3 cushions and a hammock so each cat can find their favorite spot.
The elements were hand-picked with the optimal flow in mind and the corner offers the cats safe space and a bit of climbing opportunity.
The Tunnel can be mounted under a window to give the cats a great look outside and a comfy bed with a view.

The shelves can be put at different heights to match the cat's size, mobility and preference from about 25cm for older or smaller cats to 40 cm for larger or more active cats.
In the displayed configuration it will take about 80 cm on a corner wall and about 1,5m on the window wall where the Tunnel is mounted and up to 2m in height depending on the gaps.
The elements can be rearranged in countless other combinations which makes it very versatile, easy to install, fun and cozy playground for cats.
The set also serves as a great base for future upgrades with additional items.

Full item list:
1 x Wally Tunnel
1 x Wally Cot
1 x Wally Corner
2 x Wally Flat 35

This bundle is shipped in 2 packages.

🌳- Solid Birch Plywood construction protected with multiple coats of non-toxic acrylic lacquer
- Painted Birch Plywood fronts come in various selectable colors
- Anti-slip carpeting covered top platform for better grip and softer surface
- Quality foam cushions for maximum comfort

👉Easy cleaning and maintenance with easily replaceable parts.
Replacement Cushions available from seller in standard dimensions.

🔨Comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.
All you will need is a power drill with 8mm 5/16" drill bit and a Phillips head or PZ2 bit


Requires approx 80cm x 150cm (2.6' x 5') of wall space for the optimal arrangement with the height varying with shelf gap from approx 1,6m to 2m (5.2' to 6.6')
Individual items sizes and specifications in their respective listings.

Included mounting hardware:
20 pcs. 8x40mm (5/16" x 1 9/16") universal Fischer DUOPOWER wall plugs
20 pcs. 5x70mm (3/16" x 2 3/4") mounting screw

100% Handcrafted

All our items are handcrafted, made to order and customizeable.

Processing times:

6-10 weeks depending on existing order queue.

Delivery times:

4-8 business days EU
10-20 b. days Worldwide

Ecological & recycleable

The materials we use are eco-friendly and sustainable